About Us

Project Leader Josh Lord

The iBARGE program examines fouling communities, the marine organisms that grow on the undersides of boats, docks, and aquaculture equipment. These communities are dominated by invasive species in many locations, where they can overgrow native species or commercially important organisms like oysters and mussels. The iBARGE program compares growth rates invasive species between locations on three different continents, using photographs taken by volunteers on a weekly basis. Analysis of the data collected will allow us to understand how growth rates vary with water temperature and location. We have published 3 scientific papers from data collected by volunteers!

All of the volunteers have been high school or college students or teachers, in 5 different countries. We are always looking to add sites, though experiment supplies are limited. If you are a high school or college teacher (or student) in a coastal location with easy access to a marina and are interested in participating, please email me at the address below or contact us in the box at the bottom of the page.

iBARGE Program Email: ibargeprogram@gmail.com

Project Leader: Dr. Joshua Lord, Assistant Professor at Moravian College





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