iBARGE 2017!

The iBARGE program is ramping up for sampling in summer 2017, with a few exciting additions to our program. First of all, we will be expanding Manatee Areainto the southeastern US, which will give us sites in almost every state along the Atlantic Ocean and will allow us to examine temperature-dependent patterns over a large scale. Second, we will be adding a second set of PVC panels to each sites, with the second set painted with anti-fouling paint. This will enable comparisons of the types of species that are more and less likely to be affected by anti-fouling paint on boats and docks. Finally, we will also be adding some additional levels of outreach to the program, as we will provide individual reports of their results to each of the participating schools so that students and teachers can compare their local marina to others around the world. We will also be distributing short questionnaires to help assess what students are getting out of participation in this program. It should make for an exiting summer! Here is the map of sites for summer 2017.

iBARGE 2017 Map



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