New iBARGE Scientific Publications!

Three recent scientific journal articles have been published using data collected by all involved students and teachers in the iBARGE program! One described the experimental collaboration process from the perspective of the scientists (Josh Lord and Brielle Dalvano), the teachers (Gian Grant), and two of the high school students (Diana Palma, Nicholas Negrete) and was published in the education journal Current (2016-lord-et-al-ibarge-collaboration-current). A second quantified growth rates of several of the invasive fouling species at different temperatures and was published in the journal Marine Ecology (2016-lord-ibarge-growth-and-recruitment). The third article, published in Biological Invasions, quantified the extent of spread of invasive species in the ports we monitored around the world (2016-lord-ibarge-species-assemblages).

The current analysis is focusing on sites which have been involved for 2-3 years in a row, analyzing the photos to see how much year-to-year variability there is in what species show up on the docks. Enjoy this image compiling photos from 20 of the different iBARGE sites from 2015!ImageJ=1.49v unit=inch


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